Adobe's Visual Trends for 2019: from Creative Boom

"Our trend reports help the creative community spot trends as they’re evolving, understand what they mean to consumers, and build on them for maximum impact," says Brenda Millis of Adobe. "In 2019, our visual landscape will reflect far more than fleeting fads, likes, and shares. We’ll be surrounded by images that capture passionate, beautiful, contentious, messy cultural conversations about values, how we express our individuality and experiences, and how we find refuge in tumultuous times."

For this year's report, the Adobe Stock team looked around the world, from fashion runways and art galleries to the business world, pop culture, and social media – all with the goal of uncovering the major visual trends that will shape the year. Here’s an early peek at the trends they're forecasting for 2019, as described by Adobe's Brenda Millis.