Digiday: How The Knot uses content to grow consumer revenue three ways

Brands that take the time to identify the content needs of their customers, and then delivery on those, while also creating partnerships with other brands is the beginning of a new wave of thinking. Less ads, more valuable content. Here is an article we found inspiring:


The Knot also is wringing more out of its content. The editorial team produces or updates around 160 pieces of content per month, said editor in chief Kristen Maxwell Cooper. It’s still monetizing those pages with ads while finding additional ways to monetize that evergreen traffic.

—“We’ve started to devote more resources to both creating content opportunities that work well for our commerce partners as well as using content for a signal to understand some problems that our customers want to solve, and then finding the right partners to help them solve those problems,” said Guy Vidra, vp of national revenue at XO Group.

For example, Vidra found that Knot readers searched for information about how to preserve their wedding dresses, so it found a wedding-dress preservation company and developed a Knot-branded dress preservation package, then put links to that service in an article.

It also uses reader traffic and affiliate conversion data to forge direct affiliate and advertising deals with brands or through affiliate networks, a practice that is becoming increasingly common among publishers with commerce operations.

“For better and maybe worse, data around successful commerce initiatives is also being used really effectively by sales teams,” said Shane Roberts, chief editor of affiliate commerce platform Skimlinks. “Using commerce data to show an audience’s affinity toward a brand or category to sell more ads is something I’ve seen a lot of success around.”—